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The Best Valentines Day Nail Ideas to Try in 2024 – Trending Ideas

The Best Valentines Day Nail Ideas – Valentine’s Day offers endless nail style opportunities, and 2024’s trends are more versatile than ever.

The Best Valentines Day Nail Ideas to Try in 2024 : The nail trends for 2024 are more adaptable than ever, and Valentine’s Day offers an endless variety of nail style options.

Along with bright, bubblegum pink tips and eye-catching 3D designs, expect to see toned-down, low-key looks in neutral colors. Furthermore, Beauty Daily found that searches on Pinterest for Valentine’s Day nails increased by 567 percent in January alone, demonstrating that nails are the ultimate Valentine’s Day accessory.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of The Best Valentines Nail Ideas to Try in 2024 on Valentine’s Day

1. Red and Pink hues

Red and pink are timeless colors that work well together or on their own. Color-clashing designs can be bright and bold, or they can be more muted with pastel colors.


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Alice McNails, a Booksy ambassador, has this to say: We will continue to see a lot of red and pink, which are still the perfect colors for Valentine’s Day!

2. Swirl designs

Pink and white swirls dominated the spotlight as a top Valentine’s Day nail trend, making swirl nails one of 2022’s most popular trends.

Add a Powerpuff Girls-inspired heart to your Valentine’s Day swirl nails in romantic pink and white tones.





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Happy Rose Day Wishes 2024

3. Subtle nail art

For those who want a low-key, scaled-down nail style, plain color manis with delicate Valentine’s Day details offer a subtle nod to the occasions.

With gold ring finger details and minimalistic heart designs, Alice McNails exemplifies the clean-cut girl style.



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4. Heart-shaped tips

For the ultimate Valentine’s Day manicure, add a heart-shaped tip to the traditional French manicure.

For a chic color clash design, use pink gradients or pink and red together.

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Valentine’s Week 2024

5. Chrome details

Chrome powders and cat-eye gel polishes have continued to gain in popularity, and this Valentine’s Day, they have been given a Valentine’s-themed makeover with heart-shaped designs and glazed donut bases.

As Alice McNails explains, My customers adore crystal effects, high-shine chrome, hearts in cat-eye.



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6. 3D nails

This Valentine’s Day, wear 3D nail designs embellished with eye-catching embellishments and gel clay structures to make a statement.

To celebrate the season of love, embellish your nails with 3D love heart designs and pearls and glittering gemstones.

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7. French tips

Valentine’s Day manis can be given a timeless update with the classic French look. For a subtle romantic twist, embellish a white French tip with delicate details, or go bolder with pink and red for a colorful French design.


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A “subtle, classy, white French with heart accents” will be a top trending style for Valentine’s Day 2024, according to Booksy ambassador Bryony Howell of Gels by Bry.

8. Anti-Valentine’s nails

This Valentine’s Day, are you not feeling the love? Choose colors and designs that are out of the ordinary, like black for blood drips and hearts, or draw inspiration for your nail design from self-love.

Little Blank Spaces’ Ruth Munro, a magpie educator, shares: Anti-Valentine’s manis can attract single clients or anyone else who doesn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Customers might prefer to spoil themselves rather than someone else if Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend.

9. Milky manis

For Valentine’s Day nail designs, creamy, sheer shades of milky white prove to be a popular base.

According to Alice McNails, she anticipates seeing “white milky layers” and “red and pink hearts on strawberry milkshake bases” on nails.

10. Gothic inspiration

Black can be used in place of the more common reds and pinks to create edgier nail art designs that are ideal for those looking for alternative nail styles.

According to Alice McNails, I anticipate that people will embrace their inner Wednesday Addams by sporting a lot of black and gothic nail art for a change of pace.

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